This step is a basic introduction to the Christian life, the ministry of The Grace Place, and what it means to be a member.


This step is a basic introduction to the core beliefs of the Assemblies of God. In this step, you will learn how these beliefs are grounded in God's word and how they impact your life as a Christian.


This step gives insight into the ultimate authority of God's truth. This will help you better understand the struggle between human desires and what God wants for you.


This step will help you apply what you have learned to live a life of blessing and victory. You will better understand how to combat selfish thinking and the lies of the enemy.


This step guides you through a discovery of your personality and gifts, which point you to your purpose in life. This will give you the opportunity to become a part of the Dream Team, by connecting with the team of your choice and learning how you can serve others by using your gifts to live out your purpose.